We all know what a high feels like. It’s euphoric. Exhilarating. You feel invincible and like nothing can touch you. So naturally, you kick your shoes off and relax, feet up on the table sipping on your pint while exuding a loud sigh of satisfaction every couple of minutes or so. You become comfortable. Get complacent. And as is the natural order of things, it all comes tumbling down. It’s the normal cycle of brands and their advertising campaigns, hitting budgets hard when sales are low and pushing to meet the end of month targets that are forever looming.

But get your feet off the table and get up, because the cycle has to end and it’s time brands started their advertising campaigns well before sales take a nose dive. The rush to lift sales often leads to misplaced marketing campaigns and ad flops, and if your sales are in trouble, you don’t have time for that. There is no good reason why brands, or any business, needs to wait until things get bad to kick off their advertising budgets. In fact, there’s loads of bloody good reasons why they shouldn’t, for example:

Consumers aren’t stupid:

If modern advertising has taught us anything, it’s that consumers are savvy and they’ve cottoned on to marketing tactics. Not to mention, they hate being sold to and they’re longing for authenticity. Which means real. Which means honest. Which also means, not trying to shove a load of product at them in the hopes that you’ll shift it off the shelves before month end. Come on, we’re all better than that. Plus, they know what you’re doing and it just doesn’t fly anymore.

Room for bravery:

In a world of awards, every brand and agency are looking to push boundaries and do something different. In our noisy world it’s almost impossible to not stick your head above the parapet and if you hope to gain any kind of social clout, you had better start innovating. However, leaving it until things are bad doesn’t allow room for brave advertising campaigns and bold marketing. With executive backs up against the wall and bonuses (not to mention jobs) on the line, no one is comfortable or willing to push the envelope. When sales are high and business credit is strong, that’s exactly the time to experiment and test what your brand can really do.

Your footfall will be stronger:

We’re all looking to get more consumers into our shops, whether that be our physical stores or digital spaces, and so footfall is important. When the pressure is on, any footfall you get is a win, but if you’re pushing ad campaigns when things are good, brands have huge opportunities to create massive footfall into their shops. People essentially want to ride the wave when it’s high and that’s an opportunity for brands to capitalize on.

Things don’t have to be bad for brands to push out great marketing campaigns, and in our experience, when things are bad it never leads to the best work. Instead, time, resource and good customer feelings can be the ingredients for viral ad success, as opposed to hurried campaigns in a bid to get consumers through your door.