The campaign aims to give shoppers ‘More reasons to shop at Morrisons’ this festive season by helping them become the ultimate holiday hosts.

Targeting all shoppers, ‘More Christmas host-ing with the most-ing’ highlights the store’s unbeatable value, choice, and freshly made and prepared in-store ‘Morrisons Makes It’ range. This campaign also spotlights the expert seasonal advice and British quality offered across all Morrisons Market Street counters, including their fishmongers, Butchers, and Deli.

Morrisons have lowered and locked the prices of many Christmas favourites until 31st December, with more incredible promotional deals throughout the store, such as 25% off wine and champagne when you buy 6 bottles - cheers to that!

Beautifully shot photography brings this amazing value and quality to life throughout the store, showcasing mouth-watering products to maximise taste appeal. This is supported by conversational Point of Sale that will engage all shoppers with helpful hints, tips, and advice on enhancing their Christmas culinary experiences. Complementing the whole campaign are More Card Exclusive prices, which give shoppers even more ways to save this season. 

And as it’s the season of goodwill, this campaign brings back Morrisons’ hugely popular ‘Giving Tree’ - allowing shoppers to support local charities and foodbanks with seasonal donations.

‘More Christmas-hosting with the most-ing’ includes a full in-store Point of Sale takeover and content across all social channels including Instagram, Facebook and TikTok.

“Bringing this year’s Christmas campaign to life with Morrisons has been a wonderful opportunity for us” said Lucy Bramley, Group Account Director at Live & Breathe. “We understand the importance of providing shoppers with a one-stop solution for all their festive needs - and this year, more holiday cheer, more amazing value, and more breadth of choice are top of the Christmas list to ensure shoppers can host with the most. The team’s worked tirelessly to deliver a standout Christmas campaign that will bring a joyful yet practical shopping experience to every customer this festive season.”