Splash of magic


Irish consumers love a dollop of Avonmore cream. It’s the nation’s number two brand (no prizes for guessing the first…) But even though most people picked up an occasional pot, they weren’t cooking with it regularly. So we needed a plan to demonstrate Avonmore isn’t just for special occasions.

How we lived and breathed it

By turning up the oven and hitting the hob. We cooked, baked and stirred Avonmore into every dish we could think of (yes, even pizza – we went there). To find those everyday favourites made extra delicious with this one easy, addition. From there we devised a new communications idea, Add a Splash of Magic, and launched it in the aisles (for starters).

The result

Our in-store summer campaign was so successful we extended it to out of home media and into digital channels, too. Then we got a return gig for Christmas.
Visibility and click-through rates for both campaigns trumped the previous year’s results. For both the brand and the category average.

We saw a record-breaking click-through rate for Christmas, at approximately 0.8% against the industry standard of 0.1%. And against Avonmore’s own average of 0.3%-0.4%.

Our Christmas 2016 campaign delivered 2% growth in a category declining by 1.5%.

Tasks: Deliver “accessible inspiration” to Ireland’s cooks