Store Identity 2017


There’s nowhere quite like the airport. Footfall is high, we’ve got time to spare (if everything goes to plan!), and our purses feel heavy. World leading global travel retailer Dufry asked for our help in getting more people to shop before they took off.

How we lived and breathed it

By sharing our insight.

As you head for the airport, stress levels soar. Is this the right terminal? Did we check in already? Where’s the little plastic baggy thingy for my shampoo? But once you’ve reached the departure lounge (and popped to the loo because – let’s face it – you’re bursting by now), stress levels drop just as steeply. And in that moment you’re neither home nor abroad. Normal rules don’t apply. Nothing is quite…real.

We knew that if a retailer makes it easy for us to shop during this magical period – we will.

The result

We designed brand new POS for standout in store. And we rejigged all messaging hierarchy to make shopping easy, more intuitive. Then we designed a new artworking tool that would seamlessly translate our work into multiple languages. You can look out for it all on your next trip (wherever you’re flying to or from).

  • Client: Dufry
  • Tasks: Create a clear identity in store that helps time conscious customers easily navigate stores.