Living Social

Live the Dream


LivingSocial had as many great deals as sister site Wowcher. Unfortunately – unlike big sis – not enough people knew about it. So we needed a TV idea that would get LivingSocial stuck in people’s heads.

How we lived and breathed it

We rewrote the lyrics to a memorable song. Then we built a story around the catchy hook…and sang it to the client. Down the line. And at least five mortifying times in meetings. On pitch day, we even sent a barbershop quartet to LivingSocial HQ to demonstrate how effective our ditty would be.

Once the clients heard their own people singing it on loop, we were hired. (And so were the barbershop quartet, to spare the public our own vocal talent!).

The result

With the ads newly live, it’s too early to tell. But we’ll be back here with numbers soon.

For now, we’ll leave you with the words: “LivingSocial, bring me a dream…”

  • Client: Living Social
  • Tasks: Spread the Word