The Happy Egg Company

The Chain of Happiness


Quite a few years had passed since The Happy Egg Company first pioneered high standards of hen welfare. Since Farmer John and his girls first roamed across fields (and TV ads) to Born To Be Wild. And the entire egg industry was transformed for the better, and for good.

Now it was time for a little reintroduction. To show the eight million Brits not buying the brand that free range is great…but it’s happy hens that lay truly tasty eggs.

How we lived and breathed it

Wellies on, we headed for the fields. To talk to a THEC farmer, learn about a day in the life of hens here, and watch happiness in action. And hey, the good mood travelled back to the office with us. Which is how our idea, the Chain of Happiness, got its first cluck.

The result

A catchy TV ad and an integrated campaign – from digital to in-store POS – later, the first numbers were in. In the quarterly results since campaign launch, Happy Eggs sales passed the £60 million mark for the first time in six months. And value growth reached +24%, year-on- year. So everyone was happy.

Project Details

  • Client: The Happy Egg Company
  • Tasks: Educate consumers about the benefits of choosing Happy Eggs