With a new image and fresh proposition for customers, Wickes had been rebooted. And it was our job to make sure every item of packaging got the same makeover.

How we lived and breathed it

We listened to our gut. Wickes may have been saying let’s do it right, but we knew its current packaging wasn’t telling shoppers what they really needed to know. Colour coding was complex, copy confused features with benefits, and the design failed to indicate the quality of each product.

So, we hopped on the Mac. Then we tested, tested, and re-tested our ideas again – with shoppers both in groups and in-store. Until we were sure we really had done it right.

The result

A new packaging design. Plus, new packaging copy. And carefully tested principles that would apply to any (and every) item in store, from small screw to big bathtub. In a language that could speak to both trade customers and the general public alike.

Project Details

Tasks: Packaging