Wyevale Garden Centres

Start Your Year in the Garden


A hint of sun and all thoughts turn to the garden. To buying new furniture, mowing the grass, planting a little bedding and just generally having a jolly old time of it.

But what about the rest of the year? How could WGC get people into its centres then out into the garden, between January and April too? This was Britain, after all…

How we lived and breathed it

“We ate our inspiration chillies. Ones our senior designer had started growing herself, back in January. Because by speaking to her and as many gardeners as possible first, we learned why the start of the year doesn’t have to be so gloomy (bear with us). It’s actually a chance to start planning new landscaping projects, prepping the soil for spring, and propagating seeds that need the time to grow.”

The result

Start Your Year in the Garden is an upbeat and vibrant campaign, offering all sorts of inspiration for anyone who loves their outdoor space. We took the joy everyone feels outdoors in summer and spread it across the rest of the year too. SYYITG is flexible enough to work in store, in print, for value messaging, and online.

The campaign was so well received, it recently returned for a second year.

  • Client: Wyevale
  • Tasks: Increase basket spend and footfall with no traditional ATL spend