You know exactly what we mean right? That awkward moment when someone tells you what they do, you zone out and start thinking about what you’re going to have for dinner and by the time they’ve finished talking you have no idea what their job is, if they’re going to be useful, or even if you should continue having a conversation with them. As people who understand the importance of dinner, we understand how you can end up in that situation, a lot, so we thought we’d lay it all bare on our little corner of the internet, thus avoiding confusion or any awkward situations later.

So what we do…well, it’s all on the tin. We live and breathe our customer’s brands so that we think like them, talk like them, and even walk like them. When we say we’re integrated we honestly mean that. An integrated agency that can handle everything you need, and an agency that integrates with you. Think of it as a metamorphosis where we become you, but in a less creepy way.

And what we really mean by that is, we don’t want to be this add-on thing stuck to one of your departments that comes along for a while and helps you do stuff, but ultimately gets under everyone’s feet and is a bit of a nuisance. We want to dive into businesses and live as if they were our own. Especially in the world of retail when the physical experience of the customer is so important.

A few years ago we started working with Sony Retail and the first thing our Managing Director Nick did was go to the nearest Sony shop and ask for a job in the store for a week. He promised to clean toilets, stock shelves, stand on the door and do anything that would get him in there to understand exactly how Sony’s customers interacted with the brand. That way, we could craft campaigns and adverts that actually brought people to the point of sale.

That’s what we mean by dive in to your brand. Working with the Happy Egg Company meant we visited farms and spent time with hens and farmers and all the people that make that company what it is. We even mucked out stalls.

Working with Morrisons we’ve visited tons of stores, taking our creative teams into the supermarkets for briefing meetings so that everyone is immersed in the brand and the experience. We even spent time in the freezer isle, which as anyone knows is the coldest place on earth apparently.

Our point is, we work with huge retail names like Birds Eye, McVities, Sony, Morrisons and loads more, but we never work from our ivory tower pretending to know things. We go into the shops and get our hands dirty. We roll up our sleeves and touch, poke, prod and play with brands so that we can come up with better solutions, faster.

So whether we’re shoveling chicken crap, or shivering in the freezer isle, we’re doing everything we can to live and breathe all that you are. That’s essentially what we do.